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Smartsave is a complete superannuation and retirement product that provides you with an extensive choice of investment alternatives. Smartsave enables you to prepare for your retirement through wholesale investments with the option of taking a lump sum retirement benefit or converting your superannuation to a regular income stream in your retirement. You will have access to your money at all times, subject to legislative requirements.

Through Smartsave you can have access to a financial adviser who will be able to prepare a comprehensive financial plan which is specific to your personal circumstances.

For those members looking for a low cost superannuation product with only a few ‘bells and whistles’ we’ve introduced Smartsave MySuper  - for further information on our MySuper product click here.

Smartsave caters for both employer groups and individuals and provides comprehensive insurance arrangements – in some cases insurance is automatic which means that you may not need to supply evidence of good health to enjoy insurance cover.

Smartsave can accept contributions from you or your employer on a regular basis or by occasional lump sums. Amounts can also be transferred from other superannuation or rollover funds. In addition, contributions may be made by you on behalf of your spouse. There is no minimum initial or additional contribution, rollover or transfer.

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